Saturday, November 24, 2007

Is It the New Meds, or Just Another Bug c/o Ellie?

So it's Day 4 on the new meds (Plaquenil), and thankfully no signs of any side effects so far. I doubled my dose up to 400 mg this morning, and am hopeful things will continue to go well.

But Ellie has been having cold symptoms for several days now, and suddenly I'm coming down with them too, which makes my normal level of ickiness feel even worse.

Poor me, huh?

Well, not really. It's part of having Ellie in daycare that she is getting lots of extra challenges to build her immune system. And from what I hear, it's totally normal for moms and dads to come down with the bugs their kids bring home from school or daycare. So that's probably all it is. But I'm feeling a little paranoid about every extra ache or twinge, wondering if it's the start of a side effect that will be bad enough to force me to stop the new meds.

I do just wonder though if the new medication is making me extra susceptible to viruses that I come in contact with. Even if it does, it will be totally worth it if it makes me feel better. Ten more days, and I should have a clue whether that's really going to help.


I feel bad about venting yesterday about an acquaintance who stayed longer than was ideal for us. It really wasn't her fault since I didn't speak up, and neither did Scott. I can't expect people to be mind-readers or to constantly be checking in and asking if they need to be leaving now.

I keep telling people that what I want most of all is occasional visitors, so I need to learn to be upfront about when I've reached my limits and need to rest.

So that's something I'm going to work on. Because if I'm ungrateful when people come to visit me, pretty soon I won't have any visitors at all, and that would be really lonely.

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