Monday, June 8, 2009

Biopsies Normal

Got the call this morning from my OB's nurse to let me know that just about everything looked fine from the tests they ran.

The polyps they biopsied were normal, as were most of my lab tests. The only question was about my platelet function test, which was abnormal. Normal is 22-35, and mine was 70.

So they want me to retake the test in two weeks, when it will hopefully be normal.

If not, I'm guessing I'll be going back to see my hematologist. Good thing I have one that I like. :-)

Meanwhile, I have my post-op appointment June 18, but everything is going fine so that will just be a formality.

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SharonMV said...

Hi Aviva,
It's me SharonMV. I haven't posted for a while, but have checked in & read from time to time. I see you are still a medical mystery. This may not apply to you,but has your rheumy ever considered Adult Onset Still's disease? I know you have joint problems & fatigue, and high sed rate I think) but do you ever have unexplained spiking fevers, rashes & high white count? I think high platelets can also occur in this disease. There is no definitive blood test. It's just a thought, if you think it might apply, you can google it & find information.