Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Reason I Became a Reporter Instead of a Copy Editor Is Because I Hate Writing Headlines ...

Where to start?

I've been procrastinating updating the blog because I'm just a little bored of being sick and tired much less talking about how sick and tired I am.

I had two doctor appointments last week which were mostly uneventful. I saw the internist on Tuesday, although I almost called and canceled because I felt so crappy, but that's not usually a good excuse for your primary care doc. I didn't really have a purpose for the visit, since I'd gotten squeezed in the week before to discuss my more pressing stuff.

We talked about kids and schools and my decision to go ahead an apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Not that I've followed through on the decision yet, but I will, probably after I get through doing our taxes and applying for financial aid for Catlin Gabel for Ellie. (Man, I don't remember the financial aid forms in college being as complicated and detailed as this one!!)

I also finally remembered to talk about the headaches I've been having consistently since last May or June, whenever it was I started taking Vitamin D supplements. She doesn't think it's the Vitamin D, but said that my pain levels could be causing the headaches, or the fact that I don't sleep well can do it. It's just frustrating because I can't take ibuprofin, Tylenol doesn't touch them, and I'm still narcotic-free.

So here's the complicated part. I stopped at the pharmacy on my way home to pick up some prescriptions, including the meds she's given me for the headaches, and of course arrived right after a bunch of other people so there was a long line and the pharmacy techs were moving at a glacial speed. I usually grab a shopping cart just to have something to lean on, but I didn't think of it this time. So I passed out after standing in line too long. Hit my head on the shopping cart of the elderly lady behind me and then again on the floor. No blood, though, and ice took down the lump. But it still feels a little tender to the touch.

It's not a new development, this fainting. I actually fainted way back in July 2007, the day before I ended up in the hospital for over a week. That time, I was in line for a cashier at Target. (Is anyone besides me noticing a theme here? My internist says I'm no longer allowed to stand in line and she's going to give me a pass I can wave to go straight to the front of any line. I wonder if it would work at Disneyland ... :)

Anyway, I let them put ice on my head for me and refused their offer to call paramedics. They did check that my pupils were the same size, which they were. They were quite nice to me (but they always are, which is why I give them all my business).

I called my internist when I got home and let her know about it. She told me next time I want to faint, I need to do it at her office so I can be checked out completely. :) But she also called the cardiologist she had referred me to and asked that I be seen sooner than my Feb. 5 appointment. So I go in next Friday. We'll talk about my tachycardia and my internist's desire for me to have a chemical stress test. And I'll also ask him to check me out for postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS), which my internist thought should be considered after I brought her in an article that was recommended to me here. (Thanks again, Katie!!)

I also saw the neurologist who sent me for the sleep study. She had told me to come back when I had been off pain killers for a month, so I figured I might as well. What a waste of time. "Oh, you're still sleeping a lot and feeling exhausted and sleepy? Ok, then you have ideopathic hypersomnia." Oh, really? Tell me something I don't already know. She offered me Ritilin or Adderall to try, but they are contra-indicated with my anti-depressant. Also, I'm fairly sure that my fatigue and sleepiness are caused by my illness, whatever that may be, and she confirmed that those drugs would be unlikely to help with fatigue caused by an autoimmune disease or other health issue.

My internist had also told me to talk to the neurologist about my headaches, but she just offered me a migraine drug without really discussing my headaches at all with me. I don't plan to go back to her again.

Meanwhile, I'm just hoping to get through Ellie's birthday party tomorrow, and the parent interview on Wednesday at Catlin. Most likely a stressful week for me, which means an exhausting week. But c'est la vie.

I hope everyone has a good MLK Day tomorrow!!


Penelope said...

I hope they find out what is wrong with you. Good luck with everything. I'm looking forward to following along with your blog, thanks for following me back. tc

drewandkatie said...

Understand being tired of talking about being sick and tired. Still nice to have forum to vent.
Sorry to hear about your headaches..and the faint. Cool pass though. Hope cardiologist is wise when you go for your visit. I'll be keeping tabs on your updates and I'm praying your stuff can be diagnosed & hopefully treated easily.