Friday, July 23, 2010

My Head Is Spinning ...

And it's not my normal type of dizziness.

So I saw the first surgeon yesterday (Thursday) and I'm scheduled to have my gallbladder removed on Monday, July 26. 

Wow, that happened fast. Sort of, at least; I keep reminding myself that it's been over a month since my trip to the ER for the first episode, and that means it's not really that sudden that I'm taking care of it. 

It was kind of funny today because I was waiting for confirmation that my friend Joan's surgeon would be able to do the procedure on Monday and didn't get it until just before the second surgeon's office closed today, which I quickly called to cancel Monday's appointment since I'll probably be under anesthesia by the time I'd be due in his office! The scheduler asked if I was feeling better, and I got to say, "No, but I found someone else I liked who could get me in the OR before this guy could see me." And then I pointed out my Tuesday appointment with my internist and suggested it probably ought to be rescheduled since "I don't think I'm likely to be able to make it in for that."

The irony is that I'd specifically scheduled it for that day because she was in Hawaii for most of July, coming back and working two days, and then taking time off again while her child had some surgery. 

The surgeon was very nice and gave me a 12-page, full-color booklet about laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, literally going through it page by page during my appointment with her. 

She went to listen to my heart and lungs in what felt like a formality, but got concerned when she heard my heart rate, which idles at about 100 bpm when relaxed and reclined. So that made her a little nervous and she was calling my cardiologist as I left her office to see if he wanted her to just admit me to the hospital for monitoring after the surgery. I didn't hear back on that, but I figure I'll just assume that I'm going to spend the night and if I'm doing so well I get to come home, that's fine too. 

So now I guess I just get to hope that the gallbladder surgery goes well and the surgeon is able to remove it without making the big incision, which would make my recovery much harder and longer. 

The frustrating thing is waiting to find out if the gallbladder really is the cause of these most recent symptoms. Since 90 percent of people with gallstones are allegedly asymptomatic, it doesn't feel like a sure thing that we can be absolutely 110 percent positive it's the cause of the episodes just because they found stones in my gallbladder. And that's a little upsetting to me. 

I'd greatly appreciate if y'all would think positive for me, and/or say a prayer if that's something you do. All are greatly appreciated!


Pink Doberman said...

Prayers for a conclusive and speedy recovery! Blessings! Tonja

Anonymous said...

Oh Sick Momma! I sure hope it is your gallbladder. I was really sick before I had mine taken out, and I just had one stone. (It was huge...about the size of a giant jawbreaker) With all your pain I'm sure that what is wrong. Fingers crossed and good thoghts coming your way!
Good Luck

Queen of Optimism said...

Sending peace. love, and prayers your way. Thinking of you lots and hoping for the best possible scenario through all aspects of your procedure and recovery including getting answers that can become long-term positive improvements.

Update when you can, please! I will be worrying....

Miss Waxie said...

I wrote you this long post, but it got deleted! Good luck with your surgery today!!! I'll be thinking about you!

- Miss Waxie

SharonMV said...

Hope the surgery went well. Will be thinking of you.


SharonMV said...

Dear Aviva,

I hope no news is good news & that your surgery went well. I've been thinking of you - sending healing thoughts.