Friday, February 1, 2008

Another Thursday, Another Excuse For Missing Class :(

Well, I'm fairly sure I mentioned that Ellie required a lot of extra care last week because her cold took a turn for the worse and she developed conjunctivitis. Although the ped said she did have fluid in her ear, she did not have an ear infection.

Tuesday night, Scott commented on one of my eyes looking a little funny to him, and when I woke up Wednesday, I thought both my eyes looked a little swollen and reddish although still very definitely in the early stages. So I went to my internist, who gave me a 'script for antibiotic eyedrops but told me not to use them unless my eyes got worse. She also did a throat swab to rule out strep.

Uh, yeah.

That night and early the next morning, I woke repeatedly with my eyes stuck to each other and oozing all kinds of goop. So I self diagnosed and
went to the pharmacy and picked up my eyedrops. (My doc recommends that every have their own bottle in case you accidentally touch the tip to your eye or the area around your eye that's crawling with germs.) (FWIW, Ellie and our kitty, Gracie, got the same prescription with the same strength but Ellie got a bottle with 5ml and Gracie got a much cheaper bottle of 15ml.)

I don't think my doc's office opens until 9 a.m., but I'll be calling when they do because I woke up at 5 a.m. with a 101 degree fever and now it's up to 102 despite my massive doses of NSAIDs plus some extra Tylenol thrown in for good measure and some narcotics because that's the only thing that even touches the pain. I think I have an ear infection, although it looked fine on Wednesday, but I notice sharp pain when I change positions and especially lying down is very painful. (I spent the night propped up on my sister's old college backrest. Whatever my folks spent on it, it's gotten good use for its cost because it's getting close to around 30 years old, I think.)

I do think there ought to be a rule against people with chronic illnesses also catching common acute illnesses. Hmmmph! I guess that's just the joy of having a little one in daycare!

p.s. Although the eyes are still very red, they're not as goopy as they were, so I do think the eyedrops are doing their job!!

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SharonMV said...

So sorry that your sick & that you have to miss your class again. I agree with you - what a great rule! It would make my life so easier. I'm still having 2-4 acute infections per month even with IVIG. Last month I had 3 colds and a sinus infection. And then there the not-so-common infections that we immune deficient people get. Life with Lupus & CVID is no fun. For me the common acute illnesses are caused by a chronic illness - maybe I need a different rule.

Hope you,Ellie & Gracie are feeling better soon.