Monday, February 11, 2008

A Good Day

I don't know if it's just the difference of being over the virus I had vs having the virus on top of my "usual," or what, but today was a really good day.

It's the first day I've felt essentially over the nasty bug that gave me the ear infections, bronchitis and laryngitis. I still have a sore throat that feels worse at night and first thing in the morning (at least it did last night and this morning), but I've had an amazingly good day with more energy than normal and less aches and pains.

I'm biting my lip and crossing my fingers that I'm not jinxing myself for even mentioning it since it seems like whenever I say, "Gosh, I'm a little better today!" to anyone it boomerangs and I end up feeling worse.

But you know, I got up to see Ellie and Scott off on their day. I usually linger a little while with the newspaper before going back to bed on Mondays because it's garbage day and they come between 6 and 7 a.m. and I can't sleep with all that noise anyway so why lay in bed for it? But then I picked up the novel I started last night (Water for Elephants -- a wonderful read that reminded me of my grandfather a lot, although he never worked in the circus :) and next thing I knew, it was 9 a.m. I figured since I was awake, I'd make some of the phone calls on my list for today, and then I filled out an application for a preschool for next year for my daughter. Read a little more in the novel. Was chilly and thought about turning the heat up a little but then realized that was silly since a more eco-friendly solution was to go get dressed in something warmer than my jammies so I got fully dressed.

Then I was hungry again, and I looked at the clock and it was a little before noon, so I figured it was lunch time and heated up some leftover beef stew my husband had made for me when my throat was so raw that I couldn't eat dry food hardly at all.

I've occasionally had mornings like that since I got sick, but when I do, typically that means I crash and sleep all afternoon (which backfires because it sets me up for a restless night although I can sleep until noon and sleep find that night).

But not today. I decided to hand deliver the preschool application and deposit since the school fills up quickly. Then I hit the pharmacy for some meds. (How come even when I feel good, there's always meds that night picking up?!) And on the way home, I stopped at the library to drop off some materials due in a couple days and pick up a DVD ("Knocked Up" with Katherine Heigl) that was waiting for me.

I was out and about for 90 minutes, and yeah, I was tired when I got home, but I wasn't entirely wiped out the way I'd normally be after doing just half of that. And I was even good and parked in non-handicapped spots everywhere, forcing myself to walk a little farther, and I still didn't have to head straight for bed.

Now I'm just hoping it won't turn out that I overdid things horribly and I end up back in bed for a week. :) But so far, I'm tired, but not too bad. And I barely took any pain meds today either, and I seem to be doing OK.

I don't know what it means. I've had occasional good days and even, once, a good week since I got sick last June. But it's been a long time since I felt as good as I did today.

And G-d, I pray that it lasts.

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