Monday, February 4, 2008

More on Hearing

So I know I'm no where near being actually deaf, but it unnerves me that there's a lot I can't hear. (Can't tell yet whether the ear infection is contributing or it's all the salsalate.)

But I don't hear the phone ring anymore. Which is a partial blessing because I have very little voice and am not easy to understand right now on the phone with my laryngitis, although it is getting better.

I went into the laundry room today and hit the wrong light switch -- there's one for the fan and one for the light. The light didn't come on, but I didn't hear anything. Hit the other switch, and yup, there was the light. That one really weirded me out.

I had dozed off on the living room couch while Scott was making dinner, and apparently didn't notice/hear Ellie start crying when she somehow (and I still don't understand how) stubbed her toe so hard it was bleeding. When Scott woke me, he was right there next to Ellie, next to the couch, and I hadn't heard anything until he yelled my name. That one really weirded him out.

I don't hear anything on the monitor if I'm asleep anymore. If I'm awake, it still sounds so muffled to me that I don't understand why Scott's jumping out of bed to go respond to Ellie.

The really weirdest part is I always thought that if you couldn't hear, that it was silent in your head. But it's not silent in mine.

This morning, it took me a long time to decide that yes, that was Scott's clock radio I was hearing and that I needed to go let him and Ellie know it was time to get up. But when I was in Ellie's room, I also could have sworn there was a very faint radio playing in the background. I also get a lot of strange percussion-y sounds.

The good news is, the antibiotics are doing their job and my bronchitis is easing, my voice is still lousy but is much better than it was. My ears still hurt quite a bit, but not as frequently or as severely as they did before. My throat is still very painful but some improved. So hey, at least I finally have something I'm getting better from! :)

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