Wednesday, February 22, 2012

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

I took an online class this month through, and although I have felt out of my depth in making these funky felt pins, I'm rather pleased with how my projects are turning out. They're still works in progress but I thought I'd share:

Ellie keeps telling me that if I decide any of them have too many mistakes, I can give them to her. :-)
I think I'm most excited about the mermaid, even if I did glue her down accidentally before I fixed the size/length of her neck. :)

I wish I'd chosen different beads for the "stars" around the fairy perched on the moon. But I think it's still interesting looking.



Sherril said...

Way cool!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the dragonfly. These are made wih beads? Glued on or sewn? Looks like lots of work.

Aviva said...

Sherril: Thanks!

Mo: Thanks! Those are 6/0 beads that are sewn on. I've never worked with beads like this before, but it's not as hard as I was afraid it would be. Actually, compared to the dragonfly magnets I make with beaded bodies on 26 gauge wire, this was SO much easier because I could just pick them up with a needle. Today, I used some 13/0 seed beads to create a bikini top for the mermaid (Scott's idea to hide part of the extra long neck mistake), and they made the 6/0 beads seem huge! (I even had to go buy a special beading needle because those seed beads were so tiny I couldn't get them over a skinny quilting needle!)

Nurse and Hospital Stories said...

Love these works of art. I especially like the mermaid.:)

Peny@medical scrubs