Sunday, February 5, 2012

PFAM: Seeking Travel Tips/Stories

It's feeling a lot like spring here in Portland, but I know it's just a tease before the winter weather comes back. And in winter, non-gardeners like me like to dream of vacations to come. (Gardeners, of course, spend this time of year checking seed catalogs and dreaming of the fruit, veggies and flowers to come.)

So for the February edition of the patient-centric Patients For a Moment blog carnival, I'm looking for Spoonie travel tips (if you're not familiar with The Spoon Theory, you need to go read it right now.) -- how do you (or don't you?) take a vacation when your chronic illness insists on coming along for the ride? What do you do to ease the challenges so you can have fun? I'm also interested in your vacation stories, both the successes and the failures. I've had both, sometimes on the same trip, and I'll share them in a separate post.

So here's the deal on PFAM: You can contribute a new post, or you can offer a post you've made previously if you've addressed this stuff in the past. Deadline for contributions is midnight pacific time on Monday, Feb. 13, and you should send the following information to

1. Your name (as it should appear)
2. Your blog’s name
3. Your post’s title
4. Your post’s URL

(And truthfully, while I'd very, very much prefer to get your contributions by midnight Feb. 13, please go ahead and drop me an email if you're running late but would have it done before I post on Feb. 15! :)

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abscofra said...

I'm looking forward to this one! I am hoping to take a couple of short trips and yes with my ra between now and the fall. Hope others have some great ideas I can borrow! Always ready and willing to try new stuff.