Thursday, February 16, 2012

To PFAM or Not To PFAM, That Is The Question

So I was supposed to post the February edition of PFAM yesterday, but there was one little problem: I only got one submission. 

And I've been sick enough this month that I apparently didn't promote it enough to get more submissions. I'd meant to follow Leslie's lead and send out a mass email to my fellow health bloggers a few days before the due date, but well, I didn't. I haven't spent as much time online as normal, and I think that played a role here. Certainly, I never got my PFAM post written and posted either. (And for the record, I still feel cruddy. This virus has just knocked me on my butt. I haven't been able to do any crafting, either.)

I'm waiting for guidance on what to do next. It just doesn't seem like a blog carnival if there's only one contribution.



Maria said...

No worries, Aviva~ take care of yourself and I'm sure throwing it back out there is more than fine with everyone...or, at least me. The flu does seem to have arrived at last.

Sending you some well wishes~

Iris said...

Sorry, I haven't travelled at all since I've been really sick. Otherwise I would have written a post to fit the topic. I did know about it - so I think you really did keep everyone informed appropriately, despite having such a terrible time yourself.

Aviva said...

Maria: Thanks!

Iris: Thanks for your kind thoughts! I didn't travel at all for the first three years of being majorly sick, and it's still something that takes a major toll out of me.