Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eep! It's April?!

Yesterday, I had two "Oh, cr@p -- it's April!" moments.

The first occurred when, after waiting for my acupuncture session for about 15 minutes, her partner asked if I was sure I had an appointment. Of course, I was. I have an appointment every Tuesday at 2 p.m. But the partner looked in the appointment book and discovered that I wasn't down for an appointment.

Turns out, we had forgotten to get me on her schedule for April. But because I have my appointments on my calendar as repeating weekly, I showed up for my regular appointment. Oops!

My second moment occurred last night just before I headed up to bed when I checked my friend Sherril's blog, The ICI Experience. Sherril has taken up the WEGO Health challenge to blog daily for the month of April. I signed up for that challenge too, but had completely spaced on the fact that April had actually started. Oops.

So, um, happy April everyone!

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1 comment:

Sherril said...

Thanks for the mention! I have lots of Dr., dentist, labs and even an MRI in a far away town scheduled this month. I'll be really impressed with myself if I complete the April challenge. I'm going to give the good ol' Girl Scout try!