Sunday, April 29, 2012

Too Much Day: A Conversation With My Husband

This is the story of my life: On Saturday, we went to an American Girl fashion show. Earlier in the day, I took a shower and washed my hair, then helped Ellie find an outfit and did her hair.

Ellie wasn't in the fashion show, but she says she wants to try out for it next year!

Yep, that was the entirety of my day. And it was beyond exhausting.

At bedtime, when Scott and I were doing our evening ablutions, we had the following conversation:

Too much day, I said as I sat on the side of the bathtub to take my meds.

How come it's always too much day and never too little day, he asked with a smile.

Well, I replied, sometimes I do say too little day, but those are the days I sleep so much that I only have the teensiest part of a day that I'm awake for. Not really what you meant, though.

No, he said, not really. Have you seen your eyes?

I leaned forward and peered in the mirror. Wow, I said, do they really look as bad as they do to me?

You look like you have two shiners, he said.

Some days, I guess I wear my fatigue on my face. Or at least under my eyes.


abcsofra said...

I know that you probably already have but maybe it is time to have a good talk with your doc. Too many days that are too little tend to make me think that you aren't being optimized through your doctor and maybe all he/she can do with you together. It took me years and years to get optimized. And ironically it also took me getting off many of the heavy duty ra meds to feel better. But that is me personally. We are all so different. But maybe it is time to have a conversation again with your doc about where you have been medically, where you want to be physically (set realistic goals of day to day things you may be able to accomplish) and how you can get there. And the success tool can be whether you have been able to do your daily things that mean so much to you.

Aviva said...

Thanks, Deb. I see my PCP in a couple weeks and will definitely be talking to her about it. Part of me thinks I'm struggling because of side effects from my new heart med. But the symptoms are essentially the same as I have when I flare, so I'm not sure how to tell which it is. (And it's one of those meds that can be dangerous to stop suddenly so I definitely need to talk to her about it rather than stopping to see if things improve.)

For some reason, I do tend to flare in the spring time. It's a little later than it has been in previous years, but the weather's been crazy enough that it's really just starting to look like spring.

Michelle said...

I hate how I get exhausted faster since I've had fibromyalgia. I guess we all just live with it though. Hope you start getting some more energy.