Monday, November 29, 2010

So Tacky ...

This is so tacky, I can hardly believe I'm doing this, but here goes ...

It's cyberMonday, as y'all must know. Please, if you're planning to order from Amazon and aren't already supporting someone else's site by using their links, please consider using mine

It's anonymous -- I won't know who used the link and bought something and who didn't. It doesn't add anything to your cost, but I'd receive a small percentage as commission because I'm an Amazon Associate.

Meanwhile, let me share a deal on a site I don't profit from at all: Lovable Labels has a one-day only 20 percent off deal for any orders made today. Use the code cybermonday2010 at checkout. (Be sure to click on the appropriate flag at the top of the page -- American or Candadian -- so you get charged properly.) I bought them initially for Ellie's stuff, but I started using the labels on my stuff too! 

Helpful hint: Ask them to put your phone number on the label as well as your name. That way when you leave something somewhere accidentally, the person who finds it can actually call you and tell you they have it! I've been a customer for ... four years now, I think. I took advantage of today's deal to order some labels with my name on them instead of Ellie's. :-) So while they're great if you've got kids, I think they're great for adults too, especially if you're like me and get that annoying brain fog sometimes. I'm constantly leaving my water bottle in public places, but it keeps coming back to me since I've got it labeled! 

Thanks, and have fun shopping today!! I love the online deals for those of us who can't get out to shop (or simply don't want to deal with crowds), and today's the prime day for deals!

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