Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Thankful Thursday

I had a super long day on Wednesday, so I'd like to say thank you to the folks who commented on yesterday's post. They were good, thoughtful responses, and deserve the same back from me but I just haven't had time/energy/brainpower to respond yet. But I will. I promise!

So, I overdid things on Wednesday, but instead of dwelling on the downsides I decided I would try, today, to focus on the things I should be thankful for instead. I'll try not to repeat too many of the items I've listed in other posts on the same topic. :-)

  • I'm thankful for better living through chemistry, and a doctor who believes in trying to improve my quality of life until she and the specialists can figure out a cure. I'm especially grateful for the Adderall she prescribed to help combat my super intense clinical fatigue. Interestingly, in Melanie Thernstrom's The Pain Chronicles, I learned that small studies suggest that when prescribed for people with fibromyalgia or autoimmune fatigue (like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc), Adderall not only boosts energy but has an analgesic effect. I found that interesting because I always thought it was the fatigue that made the pain so challenging to cope with. I have a much higher pain threshold when I'm not feeling like I've been pushed beyond all limits.
  • I'm thankful for good friends who understand that, even though I sometimes seem to vanish for weeks or even months at a time when I flare, I truly value their friendship and are willing to pick up where we left off when I'm able. (Being a mom isn't at all the same as having a debilitating chronic illness, but it does somehow make many people more patient and flexible, somehow, with others as well as their kids. I know it did with me, and others have told me that it did with them too, although if it were true for everyone, there would probably be a lot fewer abused and neglected kids out there.)
  • I'm thankful that Ellie and I seem to be forging a closer relationship via our "date night" Tuesday evenings, and she's learning (again) that comfort from mommy helps too, even if Daddy is still her go-to parent. It really warmed my heart this week when, after several rounds of Don't Spill The Beans and Guess Who?, she gave me a hug and said, "I wish every night could be mommy-Ellie date night!" She doesn't really, but it felt really good to hear because it was very sincerely meant in the moment. :-)
Ok, I know it's not a long list, but back in my reporter days, three was considered the minimum number for a list of bullet items. So if it was good enough for The Associated Press, it's good enough for me. ;-)

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