Monday, November 21, 2011

A Miscellaneous Kind of Monday

It's been funny to watch Ellie deal with the daylight savings time change. On Sunday night, we ate at our favorite local Chinese restaurant. It was pitch black out, of course. Ellie, who was facing a window, said something like, "It's so late! I can't believe I'm up so late!" It was 6:15 p.m. :) 


Today was parent-teacher conferences at school. (The kids are out of school all Thanksgiving week here.) I also had more hair candy for the school auction to drop off that I was worried about getting organized and doing the paperwork for. Last night, I was busily sewing flowers on headbands since Scott had signed us up for an 11:15 a.m. slot, which is on the early side for me to be somewhere, especially on a Monday. 

(An aside: Ellie wanted the lime green flower on a lime green headband so badly that she offered to pay for it out of her allowance. Which is huge, because most of the things she begs for, when we tell her she can buy it with her allowance, she declares that she doesn't want to spend her money on it! She offered me $4 for it, and I told her I'd have to think about it. It's a pretty big deal since she only gets $1 per week. I decided that I'd "match" her and we could bring the money into the school office next week as a cash donation. A teensy cash donation, but huge that it's coming from a first-grader!)

There's a rhinestone in the flower's center that doesn't really show but Ellie insisted was necessary. :)

Anyway, since I was worried about having time for the donation paperwork and also had to actually choose which flowers I was going to hold onto and which I'd be giving, I woke up too early (7:30 a.m.) and couldn't go back to sleep. Which has made for a very long day and will probably make tomorrow, when I have to be way across town at 10:40 a.m. for an appointment with my rheumatologist, rather challenging, too. It all kind of snowballs, and I'm very thankful I chose to stay home for the Thanksgiving weekend while Scott and Ellie visit his parents.

You can tell how tired I am because I haven't even gotten to the point on this anecdote yet. Anyway, we found out when we got to the school office that Ellie's first grade teacher wouldn't be there today. Her son, who's a freshman in college and allergic to dairy, apparently ate something with dairy in it yesterday and had an anaphylactic reaction. He tried taking Benedryl instead of using his Epi-pen and ended up in the hospital. Luckily, he's going to be fine, but how scary for a parent!! We'll be going back to meet with her next week; meanwhile, Ellie's Jewish and Hebrew studies teachers said she was doing really well. We were a bit surprised to hear how well she's doing in Hebrew especially; I guess I can stop worrying now that she might have forgotten everything over the summer when we failed to practice it with her. :) 


So more about next month's school auction: Little things add up. I was surprised to realize as I did the paperwork this morning that my donation of (relatively) inexpensive hair candy was totally up to about $300, if they're able to sell everything. (My hair clips, headbands and brooches will be sold as priced, not actually bid on, since it's silly to have people bidding on something with a list price of $6. :) That's not as insignificant as I thought my donations were going to be! 

Here's what I took today:

Hard to capture headband details! The orange flowers are on a brown headband. The one on the right is purple with metallic embroidery; that flower was a funky fabric that has pink, blue and purple tones with little circular metal disks scattered through it. On the left, the lavender headband is scalloped, and that's a kanzashi folded flower made from scraps from fabric Ellie's grandmother made a dress for her from. (Yes, I made sure to keep some flowers from that fabric for Ellie!!)

 I'm keeping this one for me:

I do like it a lot, but a big reason I'm keeping it is I got the headband at the dollar store and the fabric covering it is so thin that I fear sewing a flower to it was too much and it's going to start coming undone.

Well, that's about all for today! :) I think I'm headed to bed super early tonight. Like possibly right now. 



Medical Mojave said...

Those look amazing! I see why your daughter wants to part with her hard earned money.


Aviva said...

Thanks, M! :) I was a little worried the folks in the school office wouldn't want a teensy cash donation from a first grader because it's a hassle of paperwork, but when I ran it past them, they thought it was great. :) We'll do it on Monday when school is back in session!