Saturday, November 7, 2009

Best-Laid Plans, And All That

Scott and I had plans for yesterday (Friday).

In fact, we had too many plans -- a woodworking show, a major rummage sale -- completely unrealistic for my stamina these days. 

But there's nothing wrong with wishful thinking, right? 

What's the saying? Something like, "when people plan, G-d laughs." 

Sure enough, when Ellie woke up Friday morning, it seemed like a normal day in that she wasn't eager to get out of bed.

At breakfast, she asked him to take her temperature, even though she said nothing was hurting. So at 6:30 a.m., she was at 100.5 degrees, which is exactly high enough that state guidelines say kids are too sick to go to school.

And the longer she was awake, the more clingy she got. By noon, her temp was up to 103 degrees, and we were glad we'd kept her home from school. 

Well, so much for having a date with my husband. 

I'm thinking I jinxed us because when I called our regular babysitter on Thursday evening to see if she was available to come over this afternoon, I told her I thought we were finally (mostly) healthy. I'm sure that doomed us to one of us getting sick again! Needless to say, I had to call her last night and tell her that, well, we'd love to have her over to play with Ellie but she probably doesn't want Ellie's germs. And sure enough, she didn't.

You know how sick the poor kid is? Sick enough that she asked, pretty please, if she could go to bed early. Sick enough that even though she desperately didn't want to take a bedtime dose of ibuprofin, she finally agreed, reluctantly, when Scott promised that if she'd just take the pills, she could go straight to bed. 

Not exactly typical of a not-quite-5-year-old, who normally will insist she's not even remotely tired right up until she crashes and burns. :-) 

Here's hoping she's feeling better soon, and it's not the H1N1.

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