Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Patients For A Moment, Vol. 1, No. 12

It's that time again: Patients For A Moment, the blog carnival for, by and about patients is hosted this time by Jenni at ChronicBabe. (If you're not already signed up for her eNewsletter, Goodie Bag, then you should go do it Right Now!)

Jenni did a great job with this edition, with tons of great contributions (including one from moi! Well, mine might not be great, but there are great ones to read in this edition.)

I think the thing I like most about this blog carnival started by Duncan Cross is that I've learned that no matter how different our health problems, most patient bloggers have more in common than not. I find a sense of reassurance, somehow, in that commonality and a lessening of my sense of isolation from my mystery illness. Thanks, Duncan, for creating this bit of community!

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