Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nearing the End of NaBloPoMo

And boy am I ready for NaBloPoMo to be done! 

I used to think I could babble endlessly on virtually any topic. But now I'm really just tired of the pressure of having to post every day. Which means, of course, that after Nov. 30, you probably shouldn't expect to see any posts from me for at least a week. :-)

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, I need to get Chanukah figured out, and Ellie's birthday party, too. That means I have to make a decision (soon!) on whether to push her party into January, like we usually do, or consider having it during winter break. I'm mildly tempted to schedule it for the daytime on Dec. 31, especially since most of the school vacation programs are closed that day so most parents will be SOL and be off work that day anyway. Might as well take the kids to a party and burn some energy off ... 

And of course I've got plenty to do with wrapping Chanukah (and Ellie's birthday) gifts. I've thrust several things at Scott that he needs to wrap up so Ellie has something to give me for the holiday. (She and I went to a Chanukah fair at our synagogue and bought gifts Ellie thought she'd like to give Scott, and also picked out a couple things she wanted to give me. I promised to forget immediately what they were. ;-)

I just this weekend ordered our holiday cards from Costco (best deal on photo cards I've ever found as long as you can find a design in their limited selection that you like), but am not confident I'll get a holiday letter written, printed and stuffed into addressed envelopes before Chanukah is over ... but c'est la vie. I figure I'll be doing fine if they get to people by early January. :-)

I've got so many other things on my to-do list, including just having some downtime, which sounds very appealing right now. 

I hope all of you enjoyed your long, holiday weekend! (Well, I know I've got some non-American friends who read this who did not get a long holiday weekend, but hopefully managed to enjoy their regular weekend anyway.)

So, outside of the U.S., when do retailers kick off the holiday shopping madness? I'm assuming that Black Friday probably occurs at a different date than here in the U.S. So how does that work? I'd love to hear about it!

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WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

I'll bet we are the worst consumer driven holiday givers ever!!!

Hoping you have a great Festival of the Lights!!! You are much more prepared than I am for Chrismas!