Friday, November 11, 2011

Paying The Piper

So yesterday I crafted more than I typically do in a single day. 

(Although I was a little disappointed that my output wasn't higher for the amount of time I put into those felt flowers. Doing triple layers required exponentially more work than double layers to keep them rolled tightly and get them glued up, not to mention having to cut out a third more of the felt fringes.)

So this morning, I woke up with swollen, painful hands that hurt to grasp, flex and pretty much do anything besides letting them stay curled into claws. 

Which means I'm not going to get out my glue gun and work on my satin flowers. Nor will I be making any kanzashi flowers today. 

Ah well. It's yet another reality check that, even after nearly 4.5 years of this illness, I haven't mastered pacing myself. 

Today is all about resting up to try to be as present as possible for my family over the weekend. 

Hope all of you have a good weekend!


P.S. If you enjoy the blog carnival Patients For A Moment and want it to continue in 2012, please consider applying to host it at your blog. See here for how to apply. Leslie has extended the deadline, but please apply ASAP.

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Leslie said...

Thanks for spreading the word. And I can totally relate to the hands.