Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quiet Day At Home

I try to volunteer in our school library on Wednesdays, but I just couldn't face it today so I had a quiet day at home instead. 

(When I volunteer, I pretty much just sit at the main desk during the school librarian's lunch hour so that the middle schoolers have the library as an option during their recess. Which means the most physically strenuous part of the gig is getting myself dressed and to the school. If I check out three books to kids, it's a very busy day. :)

Didn't really get anything done, other than read some email, some news articles and not nearly enough blogs, and managed to burn my dinner to charcoal. But hey, I got the kitchen fan on quickly enough that I didn't set off our smoke alarms! :)

I seem to have refreshed my passion for shopping on eBay. It started innocently enough with looking for a few gymnastics leotards for Ellie, who had outgrown her old ones enough that she got red marks from the elastic when she wore one last Friday for a daylong gymnastics camp. Since I've got her signed up for three days during Thanksgiving week, I decided I needed to find her something new asap. When was out of appropriate leotards in her size, I started browsing eBay and nabbed a few. 

The problem is, once I start browsing eBay, it's hard to stop! My "watch list" is six pages long with a wide variety of items divided almost equally between things for Ellie and rhinestone type buttons for the fabric flower centers. It's all SO tempting, but I keep trying to remind myself that I haven't used up all the ones I bought in my first shopping spree. 



Anonymous said...

On-line shopping can become a very expensive obsession for me. Just this week I bought my 25...almost 26!! year old son a leather bomber jacket from Macy's for $70.00. Great price it was a Calvin Klein. I am getting my Hubby a snowblower for Christmas, but I don't think I can get that on-line. It's the only way I can shop.


Aviva said...

Mo: Me too! And with all the bargains and deals and such, it's way too easy to overspend without realizing it because, hey, it's just a little bit here and a little bit there. But oh, does it add up!

I did learn a good lesson this week though. I get so used to the ebay listings all saying they're from a non-smoking, no-pet house that I'd apparently stopped making sure each one i bought said it. (And on ebay, I look at SO many listings before bidding, it's easy to forget whether I saw it on a particular post.) So one of the leotards that arrived came from a smoker's house. I've washed it three times now, and I still haven't gotten the stink out of it. Sigh. I know it probably just needs to be aired for awhile, but I was really hoping E could wear it on Monday. Oh well! Hopefully a couple more that I ordered will arrive today and it won't be a problem! :)

And $70 is a great price for a good quality leather jacket; getting a Calvin Klein one for that price is amazing! I bet your son will love it!

Btw, I think you can order stuff like a snowblower online from Sears. Possibly even Home Depot. You might check Costco too; they sell amazingly large stuff online! Sears might require you to send your hubby to the store to pick it up, but hey, that can be a surprise for him too. :)