Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Virus Hits Us, Just In Time for Thanksgiving ...

Poor Ellie -- she has yet another cold bug. And her poor lips are so horribly chapped, both from overusing Chapstick and from the snot that runs freely down from her nose and into her mouth.

Sorry -- not a pleasant image, I realize. But typical for a preschooler.

I fear that I feel yet another round of ickiness starting too, which would just figure since I have yet again scheduled my testing with the immunologist for Dec. 2. If my lungs are junky, I'll have to cancel for the fourth time.


Hopefully, I'm just being a little paranoid about my little germ passer, and I'll be able to do the testing, get the pneumonia vaccine and then in six weeks, we'll do more tests to find out if I'm as immuno-deficient as I appear to be.

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